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21 06, 2019

Topten GPS Tracker Vehicle Alarm Manufacturer With 14 Years Top experience

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Topten GPS Vehicle Tracker Factory Topten GPS Tracker Factory was establish in 2005 which is a joint-stock and high-tech enterprise. We are the original manufacturer & exporter, specializing in GPS Tracking Device, GPS/GPRS Monitoring System, Alarm System and other security products. Strict quality control is executed in each link of the whole production process. Every step, from materials to semi-finished items to completed products, is operated according to the requirements of ISO9001, CE, FCC, and ROHS. Coupled with strict in-house quality control, ensure that all our products conform to the highest international standards. "Professional Services, Customers First" is our principle. [...]

14 06, 2019

Plug & Play TK218 OBD II GPS Tracking Device

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2G TK218 OBD II GPS Tracker can also be used to do vehicle's telemetry via OBD connector, it can read the vehicle's ECU's data(speed, fuel sonsumption, harsh acceleration, harsh brake, trouble cord, driver behaviour data... etc) via CAN-BUS. Mainly functions: Plug & play design with OBD-II connector, compatible with all the vehicles with OBD-II connector, supports most of vehicles with the CAN-BUS. Check the car's real physical address(such as city name, street name); Smart engine ON/OFF detection; Over-speed alarm; Engine on alarm; Voltage range: 10V - 60 VDC, suitable for motorcycle, car or big truck; Extreme power save working mode, [...]

28 11, 2018

Top Sell And Top Security Tracking Device For Vehicles, Personal, Asset

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top sell and top security tracking device for vehicles, personal, asset 1. Mini size LT02 gps tracker, 24 hours realtime tracking, free mobile app, working voltage from 6V-45VDC for bike, motorcycle, cars. 2. PT99 personal gps tracker basical functions: 1.real time tracking by platform or phone app 2.monitoring 3.two-way communication 4.sos call 5.long battery :10 days to half year

27 04, 2018

3G World Stable Use GPS Tracker For Car,Shoolbus,Truck,Van

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3G World Stable Use GPS Tracker for Car,Shoolbus,Truck,Van  RFID fleet management gps tracking system two way talking gps tracker gps tracker support camera, fuel monitoring 元素路径: body > p > img 当前已输入174个字符, 您还可以输入49826个字符。

27 04, 2018

Easy Install Multifunctional Auto Gps Security Tracking For Vehicle Fleet Management

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MT35 3G-WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100Mhz,10V-60VDC for motorcycle,cars vehicle security,track by SMS/Platform/APP. LT02 gps tracker size like regular lighter for motorcycle and cars MT05 mini size gps tracker for all kinds vehicles PT99 asset/personal gps tracker

27 04, 2018

All Kinds Auto Tracking Gps Security

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Mini Size Series GPS Tracking Device: LT02 gps tracker size like regular lighter for motorcycle and cars MT05 mini size gps tracker for all kinds vehicles PT99 asset/personal gps tracker Car/Shoolbus/Truck Series GPS Tracking System: GT08 internal GPS & GSM antennas design, 2.4G RFID driver Identification, monitor voice, sos, monitoring fuel. TK510 external GPS & GSM antennas design,strong mental shell,camera,RFID,crash sensor,fuel leaking alarm,speed limiter,fatigue driving alarm. OBD plug and play series GPS Tracker: TK208 OBD desing, gps tracker+car alarm with keyless tag, smart engine on/off detection,2.4G RFID funtion. TK228 its multifunctional: OBDll gps tracker+2.4G car alarm+Wireless Immobilizer+Remote Diagnostics. detect fuel consumption, read error code. [...]