(1) Vehicle tracking

GPS and electronic maps can be used to display the actual position of the vehicle in real time, and can be arbitrarily enlarged, reduced, restored, and changed; can be moved with the target to keep the target on the screen; multi-window, multi-vehicle, multi-screen Track at the same time. Use this feature to track and transport important vehicles and goods.

(2) Provide travel route planning and navigation

Providing travel route planning is an important auxiliary function of Wireless Gps Car Tracker For Vehicle Real Time Navigation systems, including automatic route planning and manual line design. The automatic route planning is determined by the driver to determine the starting point and destination. The computer software automatically designs the optimal driving route according to the requirements, including the fastest route, the simplest route, and the calculation of the route with the least number of highway sections. The artificial line design is automatically created by the driver according to his destination design start point, end point and route point. After the route is planned, the display can display the design route on the electronic map, and simultaneously display the car running path and operation method.

(3) Information inquiry

Provide users with major objects, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and other databases, users can display their location on the electronic map. At the same time, the monitoring center can use the monitoring console to query the location of any target in the area, and the vehicle information will be displayed in digital form on the electronic map of the control center.

(4) Traffic command

The command center can monitor the running condition of the vehicles in the area and make reasonable dispatch of the monitored vehicles. The command center can also talk to the tracked target at any time to implement management.

(5) Emergency assistance

Through the GPS positioning and monitoring management system, emergency assistance can be provided to vehicles in danger or accidents. The electronic map of the monitoring station displays the help information and alarm targets, plans the optimal assistance plan, and alerts the on-duty personnel to the emergency treatment with the alarm sound and light.