1. Tracking and positioning

The monitoring center can monitor the real-time position, driving direction and driving speed of all controlled vehicles 24 hours a day, so as to get the most timely information on the vehicle.

2. Track playback

The monitoring center can play back the historical history and track record of the custom time period in the past 60 days at any time. (Optional track DVD burning service depending on the situation)

3. Alarm (report)

3.1, overspeed alarm: when the vehicle travel speed exceeds the preset speed of the monitoring center, report it to the monitoring center in time.

3.2. Area alarm (electronic fence): The monitoring center sets the area range. If the vehicle exceeds or enters the preset area, it will give corresponding alarm to the monitoring and dispatching center.

3.3. Parking report: The dispatching center can generate a report in the form of text on the historical parking record of the vehicle, which describes the parking location, time and driving time of the vehicle, and can print it.

3.4. Emergency alarm: In case of emergency (such as robbery, etc.), please press the emergency alarm button immediately to report to the supervision center. The supervision center will immediately know that you are in a state of emergency and your location. After verification, enter the police handling procedures to help you escape.

3.5, undervoltage alarm, when the car battery voltage is too low, the car host will automatically report to the monitoring center, the monitoring center attendant reminds the user to charge the vehicle in time.

3.6. Trimming alarm. When the main battery of the vehicle is destroyed or cannot be powered, the built-in backup battery can keep the product working and send a trim alarm to the monitoring center.