26 12, 2018

I can not get the correct GPS coordinates or the location is wrong

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(1) Please make sure there is no metal obstacles above the tracker. Please place the side with GPS antenna upside to the sky; (2) Please check it at broad place; (3) Please check if the GPS LED flash once every 3 seconds; place the tracker to other place, so as to make sure that it can receive the GPS siganl well (4) In cloudy condition, it is a little hard to get the GPS signal, and the GPS coordinate might have some errors.

26 12, 2018

I can not get the alarm message

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(1) The SIM card inside the device has no credit; (2) The Alert-received mobile number is not programmed correctly, or the SMS command is not in correct format; (3) The mailbox of the user’s mobile is full;

26 12, 2018

If No GPS signal

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  Fix GPS antenna correctly. Choose an open place for receiving valid GPS signal and don’t let iron items to cover the signal. Try it in a sunny day. Change another available GPS antenna.  

4 12, 2018

Q: The cause of the positioning error of the car GPS locator.

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The causes of positioning errors of automotive GPS locators can be divided into three categories: satellite-related errors, errors related to signal propagation, and errors associated with automotive GPS locators. What are the errors related to the car GPS locator? 1. GPS GPS locator observation error In addition to the resolution error of the observation, this type of error also includes the placement error of the GPS positioner antenna relative to the measurement station. According to experience, it is generally believed that the resolution error of the observation is about 1% of the signal wavelength. The observation error is an accidental [...]

4 12, 2018

Q: Common sense about GPS positioning terminal

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1. The accuracy of the civil GPS positioning terminal is up to 10 meters. The GPS we are using now belongs to the civilian-grade GPS. We will not discuss the military level for the time being. In the case of GPS , in the case of good signal (under ideal conditions such as open ground and sunny weather), the GPS Phone Tracker accuracy is generally around 10 meters. If it is LBS (base station) positioning, the positioning accuracy is generally between 100 meters and 1000 meters. The GPS positioning accuracy is achieved by a certain algorithm. The environment requirements at [...]

4 12, 2018

Q: Common sense about GPS positioning

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1.WIFI positioning is not necessarily the most accurate. Many people think that the triple positioning and quadruple positioning locators are very powerful, especially the WIFI positioning, which is very high-tech, and can be positioned accurately even indoors. In fact, this is just a gimmick. If you understand the principle of WIFI positioning, you may not have such a high hope for WIFI positioning. Simply speaking, WIFI positioning only uses the WIFI signal source to determine the IP address of the signal and then resolve it to your location. That is the address you registered with the operator when you pulled [...]

4 12, 2018

Q: Application in Wireless Gps Car Tracker and traffic management

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(1) Vehicle tracking GPS and electronic maps can be used to display the actual position of the vehicle in real time, and can be arbitrarily enlarged, reduced, restored, and changed; can be moved with the target to keep the target on the screen; multi-window, multi-vehicle, multi-screen Track at the same time. Use this feature to track and transport important vehicles and goods. (2) Provide travel route planning and navigation Providing travel route planning is an important auxiliary function of Wireless Gps Car Tracker For Vehicle Real Time Navigation systems, including automatic route planning and manual line design. The automatic route [...]

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