Project Description

How can I find out if GPS is installed in the car?

1. Search directly in the car. As we all know, the general GPS is installed in these positions on the car. You can look for these positions first: whether there is a roof light at the top of the front windshield and a front windshield. The concealed area inside the decorative panel under the glass, the concealed area around the front instrument panel, the middle of the door partition, the lower decorative panel under the rear windshield, the inside of the front bumper, and the under the rain brush board.

2. If you don’t find it, you can also follow the power cord on the car to see if there is any extra wiring. The so-called “shun vine” is the meaning. Of course, there are a lot of GPSs that do not need wiring and face-loading of strong magnetic GPS locators. For example, Bosch knot long standby series car positioning terminal, then you should refer to the method other than way 2.

3. Look at the car on the OBD interface is not inserted, some GPS can be directly inserted in the OBD interface, such as Bosch knot OBD intelligent diagnostic terminal Ocar.

4. If you find it or can’t find it, but you don’t know it. You can also go to the electronic market to buy a device that traces the signal of the mobile phone. Because GPS and mobile phone are both equipped with SIM card to receive the transmitted information.