Project Description

First, the installation location

Although the vehicle is equipped with gps, there is currently no equipment to detect it in the market, but it is recommended that you install it in a hidden place. Now that technology is developing, the thief stealing method is becoming more and more sophisticated, and gps is installed in a hidden place to increase the difficulty of being stolen.

1. Headlights or rear lights are easy to hide.

2. Near the code table, does not affect the appearance.

3. Below the pedals.

4. Under the seat.

5. Below the front cover of the car.

Second, the installation method

1. Power supply line installation

The spare power interface is reserved on the general controller, and this interface can be connected with the corresponding interface on the electric vehicle GPS alarm.

2. ACC line installation

The connection of the ACC line is critical. You can find the ACC line on the electric door lock. As long as you have more than 30V power supply for driving, you can use it after parking. Generally, the electric door locks the positive line. You can use the multimeter to confirm the wiring position before installation. (Vehicle GPS anti-theft of Best gps tracker factory. The ACC line is used to detect whether the vehicle is running or stationary. It is mainly used for arming and disarming the vibration alarm. The ACC line is connected to the positive pole without this function.

Third, the motorcycle gps tracker anti-theft manual instructions

1. Built-in special motion sensing chip, the system can detect and alarm in any situation from static to dynamic.

2. Built-in motion displacement special algorithm, any illegal movement (greater than 100M) can detect and alarm.

3. Built-in high-quality gprs communication module and gps chip, can send positioning geographic information to the user’s mobile phone or upload data to the specified track website.

4. GPS positioning: positioning information with speed information, positioning accuracy of 5-50 meters. The interior cannot be located.

5. Base station positioning: positioning information contains speed information, positioning accuracy depends on the density of the base station, indoor positioning.

6. Can be built in the battery pack installation, low energy consumption, super high concealment.

7. Using the industry’s ultra-thin design.