Project Description

TOPTEN GPS Fleet Truck Management—PLUS—Monitor Fuel leveL and temp.

The right GPS tracking system makes tracking company vehicles simple and effective. GPS truck tracking is becoming more common as businesses and government agencies recognize the benefits of these systems. With improved coordination of assets, faster delivery times and better fleet management, GPS truck tracking systems can dramatically improve efficiencies.


Advantages of Fleet Tracking for Trucking Companies and OTR Carriers

RFID feature for Driver ID

RFID has 2 functions.

1. To arm/disarm the unit. When RFID tag is close to the unit, the unit will be disarmed automatically. When RFID tag is away from unit, the unit will be armed automatically.

2. To manage different drivers’ information. Each RFID tag has an ID. Every time the driver bring the tag close to the unit, and start car, the tag’s ID will be sent to platform, so you can know who is driving the vehicle, and how long he has being driving the vehicle.

Monitor the fuel level to provent being stolen, otherwise it will lose money;

Monitor the temperature for the Refrigerated truck to provent the Food spoilage;

Online Real-time tracking system

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You have multiple options for tracking your fleet. An expert can help you decide what package would be best for your specific needs. Track Your Truck provides everything a company needs for accurate, reliable tracking. We use our own Web-based vehicle tracking software Topten-track to provide a host of information necessary for keeping tabs on a single vehicle or an entire fleet. We also offer a number of tracking devices to meet the varying needs of our customers. At Track Your Truck, our professional product specialists work with you to determine the best truck tracking device for your business needs and goals.