Project Description

(Rental Car Company) Problems that you may encounter in daily life
•Worry? My car was just stolen, what do I do now? Will I ever get it back? Where is my car now? Where has it been?
•Responsibility? I trust my employees and the use of my company’s vehicles, but, how can I verify and optimize their productivity?
•Concern? My teenager just got his/her driver’s license, I am concerned about…How can I monitor their driving habits? I wonder if my teenager is telling me the truth about where he/she is going tonight.
• Distress? Where are your loved ones? It’s 6:00 pm, they were supposed to be here two hours ago….I’ve tried calling their cell phone but they are not answering it……

TOPTEN GPS Tracking Solution —High Security GPS Tracking Device, Anti-tamper, Anti-theft. TOPTEN GPS Tracking Solution —High Security GPS Tracking Device, Anti-tamper, Anti-theft. TOPTEN GPS Tracker What can provide is the information technology integrity solution. It includes fleet management system and rental car tracking device etc.

Solutions and benefits:

1. 24 hours realtime tracking, track by SMS/Platform/APP;

2. Prevent gps device being cut off, it will triggering power failure alert immediately, calling the authorise alarm phone No.; If user try to disconnect the main unit, gps device with 2.4G RFID wireless immobilizer, as a secret lock, will lock the engine reliably. Even the theft uses the signal shelter to disable the GSM signal, the device can also work as alarm to kill the engine reliably.

3. Through Replay on Platform playback the driving route track after the personnel lost contact;

4. It can restrict the operation of the vehicle in a certain area, and the overcrossing will trigger the Geofence alarm.

5. Over the limit time,rental car not returned, can be locked remotely to prevent normal use;

6. Provide easy installation options for plug and play;

RFID solution
1) RFID Car Alarm Functions and How to use
It is the optional function, the extra RFID reader module & tag are needed.
It supports 2 types of RFID reader: (1)2.4G long distance reader/reader module(3-8meters);
                                                                 (2) Mifare1 IC card reader (reading distance 3-6cm)
Our active RFID reader module & RFID tag are designed with 2.4G wireless technology. The working distance is from 3-8 meters, our active RFID tag has very low power consumption & its battery can work for more than 1 year.
It is not only used for driver ID identification, but also as a key to arm/disarm the vehicle automatically.
When driver authorized Mifare 1 IC card gets closer to the vehicle, Mifare1 IC card reader will recognize the Tag ID and send it to online platform, online platform know which driver with the detected Tag ID and log the data on the platform.

Fuel Solution 
Tracker with fuel sensor(GT08)
Insert fuel sensor to fuel tank, fuel sensor wire connect with tracker. 
Tracker without fuel sensor(GT08)
1, Fuel monitoring, get actual fuel consumption report
2, Out of fuel reminding
3, Connect with fuel gauge directly.
4, Reduce fuel consumption and improve
fleet management 1,Accurate fuel consumption report 2,Fuel stolen alarm 3,Out of fuel reminding 4,Fuel leaking while driving alarm.

Car Rental Solution
1, Lease expired remind When car rental lease is nearly expired, device will remind renter to extend a charter or end it by SMS or voice record.
2, Automatic control function If rental lease is expires, and renter does not renew, device will stop the car automatically.
3, Rental time setting remotely When retntal lease is expires, rental company can extend rental time by sms, do not need to call back the car.
4, Maintenance plan/ insurance manage when rental car is time to do maintenace or pay for insurance, company can get email notification for fleet management purpose.
5,Rental time inquiry User can send message to the device and know the left rental time.

What our GPS Tracker works and what it can used for ?