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Best GPS trackers for cars
Car thieves beware! These GPS trackers can tell exactly where a vehicle is
We don’t mean to alarm you, but your car may be less safe than you think.

And humans being humans, it doesn’t necessarily take a criminal act to rob us of our cars. Sometimes we manage to lose them through sheer absent-mindedness – as was the case for one unfortunate German man who reported the theft of his car in 1997, only for it to be found exactly where he’d parked it twenty years later.
So, vehicle theft – and to a lesser extent, misplacement – is a big problem. Thankfully, TOPTEN has the solution.

GPS trackers were until very recently the preserve of specialists, from the sailors who use them to stay in touch with dry land, to private detectives.
Even TV and movie villains are using them (who remembers Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut stripping a car to pieces in search of one?)

Nowadays, GPS trackers are an everyday essential for cautious car-owners – widely available, reasonably priced and ready to help track down a missing vehicle.

Some go further, with extra features to help drivers calculate their mileage, stay in touch with family or drive more safely.

Let’s take a look at best GPS car trackers on our hot sell TOPTEN vehicle gps tracker.
View your business vehicles’ current or past locations with real-time GPS location tracking
Make scheduling easier with improved route planning
Locate which vehicles are at which job locations
Take advantage of geofencing: get real-time alerts when your vehicles travel outside of their approved area.