Project Description

Implementing taxi management tracking system using GPS is one way to make taxi companies improve their productivity and profitability.

The method allows cab companies to monitor their fleet in real time, helping the business become more competitive.

Advantages of Utilizing Taxi Management Tracking
Regardless of how big your fleet is, GPS tracking is a useful and effective device in taxi fleet management. With taxi management tracking using TOPTEN GPS tracking device, you have all the information you need about each of your vehicles that will benefit your company as well as your customers. Information that are accessible anytime, anywhere you want. Drivers using business vehicles for personal use can be prevented.

You don’t also have to worry anymore about your vehicles meeting accidents on the road due to speed driving. Because with taxi management tracking, you can do the following:

Monitor your field employees even from afar to ensure productivity
Provide customers the estimated time of cab’s arrival to avoid unnecessary waiting
Locate the cab nearest to a requesting customer
Provide your employees live traffic updates
Give drivers alternate route to reduce delay
Potential Money Savings with a GPS Tracking System

Many ask, how does a GPS tracker help businesses raise their profit? The answer is simply by increasing productivity. The GPS device can give you accurate data that can help in your business decision-making. Fitting your vehicles with GPS tracker will enable you to do the following:

Find the most efficient routes resulting in lower fuel consumption
Avoid busy roads or traffic jams
Locate and recover the taxi if stolen