3G Car GPS Tracker with 2.4G RFID tag,remote engine stop,sos and monitor voice

3G version gps tracker;

remote stop engine;

2.4g wireless rfid tag and immobilizer;

sos and voice monitor;




MT35 main functions
1.Track on SMS, Web or APP;
2.GPS tracker+ car alarm functions, arm/disarm by SMS/web/phone call;
3.Check the car’s real physical address (such as city & street name.);
4. Smart engine ON/OFF status detection;
5.Stop the car safely by SMS or Web;
6.Data logger to store 5520 waypoints.
7.Waterproof design with tiny size;
8.Odometer function
9.Over-speed alarm;
10.Movement alarm which can be used as an alarm;
11.Engine on alarm;
12.Vibration alarm;
13.Power failure alarm; 14.SOS alarm (optional);
15.Monitor the voice(optional);
16.Voltage range:10V-60VDC
17.Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog;
18.Flexible work modes with extreme power save design;
19.support 2.4g wireless rfid and immobilizer


Tracking Platform Software &Phone App Tracking System 

3G Car GPS Tracker For Vehicle Real Time Tracking Audio Monitor anti-theft

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