24 hours Realtime GPS SIM Card Tracker with Smart ACC Detection Accurate Google Map Tracking Server GT08 2G

GT08 is suitable for car/vehicle truck, bus and fleet management
Smart engine ON/OFF status detection without ACC connection;
Fatigue driving alarm; Speed limiter; Multi-language SMS contents;
Support 2.4G RFID tag, wireless immobilizer & Mifare-I IC card;
Support snapping picture via MMS or platform; Track by distance;
Support fuel sensor & temperature sensor, fuel-loss alarm;
Extreme power save design; USB parameter configuration;


24 hours Realtime GPS SIM Card Tracker with Smart ACC Detection Accurate Google Map Tracking Server GT08 2G

Hot selling point of GT08 vehicle GPS tracker:
1) Communication with GSM/GPRS, GSM frequency 4-band 850/900/1800/1900, can be used wordwide.
2) Track by your computer/PDA/cell phone/Google earth or our platform
3) Google link in mobile SMS, can be opened by smart phone.
4) Real-time track, get longitude, latitude, speed and time, also can get real adress name by setting APN.
5) Auto track, automatically get information with interval
6) Position by both GPS and GSM, when lose gps, it will position by GSM
7) High sensitivity: very quick to get GPS signal and reply to your call or SMS.
8) Geo-fence: send alert when out off preset fence.
9) With ovement alert/over speed alert/low battery alert/SOS alarm, GPS off alert
10) Monitor mode enable you hear the sound around the tracker.
11) State checking function: can check state of GSM, GPS, GPRS and battery.
12) Vehicle rental/out-door machines and equipments ect
13) Support for point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring
14) Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety
15) Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen
16) Dynamic RFID management
17) Communicate with IC card reader for school bus management



GPS tracking platform: www.topten-track.com

Q: Can I add more than one RFID tag to each tracker?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the RFID tag have a battery? How long will it last?
A: Yes the RFID tag has battery inside. It’ll last at least 1 year. And it can be easily replaced.

Q: What’s the range/distance between the tracker and RFID tag?
A: The range between the tracker and RFID tag is 3 meters to 5 meters.

Q: What are the functions of the RFID tag.
A: The RFID tag has 2 functions.
1. To arm/disarm the OBD unit. When RFID tag get close to the tracker, the tracker will be disarmed automatically. When RFID tag is away from tracker, tracker will be armed automatically.
2. To manage different drivers’ information.
Each RFID tag has an ID. Every time the driver bring the tag close to the tracker, and start car, the tag’s ID will be sent to platform, so you can know who is driving the vehicle, and how long he has being driving the vehicle.

Q: How does it work for school bus?
Track when students get on the bus
Track when students disembark from the bus
Student security
Ensures the accuracy of each individual student
Students absent from the bus
Students have left the bus at the wrong departure stop
Students who have been left behind on the bus

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