Fuel Level Sensor, no need to drill the hole on fuel tank,Ultrasonic fuel sensor installed in button

For different needs, there are the following work plans:
1:Alcohol sensor:$15, for warning the driver;
2: Alcohol Sensor+relay:$16,For Warning the driver and Stop the car.  (if no need tracking function, this solution will be highly recommended);
3:Alcohol sensor +relay+Tracker TK108, $44,for Warning the driver+stop the car+tracking on platform.

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Fuel Level Sensor, no need to drill the hole on fuel tank,Ultrasonic fuel sensor installed in button

The U02 Fuel level sensor is a sensor device that use ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of non-contact liquid surfaces of fuel and liquid substances.

Compared with Traditional detection equipment,it has high measurement accuracy and easy to use.It can be installed externally (without destroying the container structure) and can be connected to network equipment to achieve network monitoring and management.

Ultrasonic fuel level monitoring sensors are designed to optimize the mode of vehicle monitoring.it can adapt to vehicles operation or stationary at various speeds on various roads.and can also output more stable data for other liquids loaded on vehicles.

Features for Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor:
1.Non-contact measurement, no need to change the shape of the container ,no need to polishe the surface paint layer of the container;

2.Metal shell, internal circuit embedment treatment, waterproof design,no pressure for outdoor environment;

3.Built-in strong magnet, external waterproof adhesive, installation is simple and firm

4.Wide voltage working,DC12~48V supply power,suitable for all kinds of vehicles;

5.Two output port is RS232 output port &RS485 output port,Compatible with various sensor signal acquisition equipment connection;

6.High-frequency ultrasonic detection, high solid penetration, suitable for various materials such as metal, plastic containers;

7.High stability measurement output, built-in anti-interference data processing model, intelligent filtering, compensation environment interference;

8.High-precision   measurement output,   built-in high-precision calculation model, millimetre measurement resolution;

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