New style online tracking 3G vehicle gps tracker monitor fuel and over speed alarm shoolbus gps tracking system TK510

Used for truck and school bus fleet management

Multi-functional GPS tracking device with two-way communication function; USB parameter configuration;

2.4g RFID tag, wireless alarm and mifare-i IC card;

Capture pictures by MMS or platform;

Intelligent engine on/off state detection;

Multi – I/O, support fuel sensor and temperature. The sensor;

Track by distance; Fatigue driving warning and collision warning;

The speed limit; Lock/unlock door;

Support English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish;


TOPTEN 3G GPS vehicle tracker/GPS fleet tracker TK510

TOPTEN 3G GPS vehicle tracking device/GPS fleet tracking device TK510

Its high vehicle GPS tracking solution + RFID vehicle alarm security + camera + monitor fuel/temperature + speed limiter + collision alarm.

RFID car alarm function and how to use it

It is optional and requires additional RFID reader modules and tags.

It supports two types of RFID readers :(1) 2.4g long distance reader/reader modules (3-8 m); (2) Mifare1 IC card reader (reading distance: 3-6cm)

Our active RFID reader modules and RFID tags are designed using 2.4g wireless technology. Operating at a distance of 3 to 8 meters, our active RFID tag has extremely low power consumption and its battery can operate for more than 1 year.

It is used not only to identify the driver ID, but also as the key to automatically deploy/remove the vehicle.


Supports the most efficient ultrasonic fuel detectors, which are very easy to install for fuel monitoring.

(no need to dig a hole)

24-hour online tracking platform and free mobile app tracking




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