Fuel monitoring GPS Vehicle Tracker With Camera/RFID Tag/Fatigue Driving Detector TK510

RFID car alarm
door lock/open door
GPS tracker for fleet management
fuel leaking alarm,fatigue driving alarm
speed limiter,crash sensor,fuel/temperature sensor



GPS Tracker TK510 is multifunctional unit for gps tracking solution, work with camera, RFID, fuel monitor,2 ways talking, speed limiter, crash alert, ect. Also it support the RS232 port,people can connect it to the function they need for fleet management.

TK510 is a most Multifunctional and high-cost effective GPS tracker, it is equipped with ARM7 high speedy microprocessor; supporting camera (location &driving information log on picture). Bidirectional communication; with offline data logger; take pictures; 4 A/D connectors for multi fuel sensor monitoring; support unique active RFID for automatic anti-theft and driver identification; support OTA (updating online) for upgrading new firmware by GPRS if needed; with harsh braking & acceleration alarm and accident alarm; and many useful functions and extensions for fleet management and vehicle security purpose.


Multi functional Tracking Feature:
RFID Driver Identification
Photo taken and online Image Monitoring
Two way communications listen and speak
fuel sensor or temperature sensor monitoring
Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alarm
Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
Tracking by distance or time interval
OTA function
Remote control engine
Lock/Unlock the car door remotely
Mileage report
8M-bit offline data logger, it can store up to 9,090 waypoints
Built-in motion sensor for power saving
Check the car’s real physical address
Locate by SMS with Google map’s link
Fuel steal/leakage alert (Optional)
Accident alarm (Optional)
I/O: 5 inputs,5 outputs, 4 A/D ports, MIC & Speaker port, camera port, RS232 port.

Alarms types for TK510 vehicle gps tracking device:

Vibration Alarm
Power Failure Alarm
Engine ON Alarm
Movement Alarm
Geo-Fence Alarm
Over-speed Alarm
SOS Alarm
Anti-tamper Alarm
Crash Alarm
Fatigue Alarm
Fuel loss Alarm


Online Tracking platform: www.topten-track.com
Admin account login, able to create user account and add devices
Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)
Location History replay
Send command online to set GPRS Interval, set SOS number, stop/start engine
Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start Report, Engine Idle Report
Mileage calculation
Alarm Reports: SOS alarm, speeding alarm, Crash alarm, Fuel loss alarm,ect.
Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing
Image taken Report
Fuel Monitoring Report
Multiple languages available



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