OBD 3G GPS Tracking Solution With Smart Engine Detection

Selling Points:

Plug & play, anti-tamper design;

Support RFID & wireless immobilizer (optional);

High performance Arm 7 Processor fast acquiring signals

Speed Limiter

Smart engine ON/OFF status detection without ACC connection;

Extreme power save design;

USB parameter configuration;

Detection on vehicle voltage & backup battery’s volume;

AGPS function with fast GPS positioning;



TK208S 3G OBD GPS Tracking
OBD gps tracking solution

1. Track on SMS, Web or APP;
2. RFID identification, supports 2.4G active RFID reader & Mifare1 IC card reader;(optional)
3. Support 2.4G keyless alarm functions, arm/disarm by SMS/web/calling/RFID tag;
4. Check the car’s real physical address (such as city & street name.);
5. Check the location by LBS directly even there is no any GPS signal;
6. Smart engine on/off status detection;
7. Voice monitoring;
8. Engine on alarm, power failure alarm, vibration alarm, movement alarm, Geo-fence alarm, over-speed alarm;
9. Track by time interval or by distance;
10. Wireless immobilizer to stop the car safely by SMS or Web(optional);
11.  Speed limiter, when the speed is over limitation,the relay will response to slow down the car automatically;
12. Crash alarm, when there is crash & it can detect it automatically;(optional)
13. Voltage:10V-60VDC, suitable for car or most big trucks with OBD connector;
14. Smart Power save design for protection of vehicle battery;
15. Trace optimization when vehicles turns a corner;
16. 8M-bit offline data logger, it can store up to 9,090 waypoints.
17. User-defined SMS contents in different languages;
18.Industrial design with high performance ARM7 processor;

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