TOPTEN TK228 High quality OBDll gps tracker:
Transmission of CAN-BUS Data
The CAN-BUS data includes 3 types as followings:
Real-time vehicle data
Driving behavior data
Error Code

(1) Real-time vehicle data
1. Battery voltage (V)
2.Engine speed (RPM)
3. Running Speed (Km/h)
4. Throttle opening width (TPS %)
5. Engine load (%)
6. Coolant temperature (℃)
7. Instantaneous fuel Consumption (L/100km)
8.Average fuel consumption(L/100km)
9. Driving range (Km)
10. Total mileage (km)
11. Single fuel consumption volume (L)
12. Total fuel consumption volume (L)
13. Current Error code numbers
14. Harsh acceleration No. (times)
15. Harsh brake No. (times)

(2) Driving behavior data
1.Total ignition no. (times)
2.Total driving time (h)
3. Total idling time (h)
4. Average hot start time (s)
5. Average speed (km/h)
6. History highest speed (km/h)
7. History highest rotation (rpm)
8. Total Harsh acceleration No.(times)
9. Total Harsh brake No. (times)

(3) Error code of the vehicle